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Licensed under Swiss Law CHE-100.950.190

Powerful Partner with Swiss Roots

Calmemory Holding AG is a Financial Technology Company based in Switzerland. We are innovating how people invest.

A Swiss Financial
Technology Company

CalmemoryHolding AG is an enterprise FINTech that the aim has sat down to act worldwide. We Want to be market-leading if it is a ma\er adjusted of effecPng investments, nevertheless, uncomplicated. With us the quality counts more than quanPty. We lay a high value on a professional and understandable service process which creates with lasPng effect an added value in the construcPon of the ambiPous digiPzaPon and opPmisaPon of finance processes.

Trading in crypto currencies is sPll in its infancy and nobody who works professionally can predict how the market will develop. Anything is possible and profits as well as losses can increase exponenPally. If banks start trading crypto currencies, this can sooner or later become an everyday means of payment. example of this: RiPPLE. RIPPLE is used to use intrabank transacPons to pay transacPon fees with Ripple. We are convinced that the market with crypto currencies will slowly but steadily establish itself in society and the economy and that certain digital currencies will be firmly established as new means of payment. Due to digitalizaPon and globalizaPon, there is a great potenPal to establish oneself in the market as a broker / consultant and market maker. Why? The EU Commission already announced in December 2017 that cash will be abolished in the long term and replaced by digital currencies. The conversion for banks to trade with crypto currencies requires a larger investment and system adaptaPons. Our 4 pillars are Asset Management, Brokerage, Mining and Storage.

Calmemory INVEST

The current market for crypto assets is sPll young and volaPle. The market capitalizaPon currently reaches a mere 230 billion USD, however, significant growth is to be expected over the next few years.
In the growing field of crypto assets, investors and regulators alike are seeking a\racPve opportuniPes similar to what exists in the tradiPonal financial environment.

Thus, providing clients with brokerage soluPons capable of transacPng in crypto assets is a pressing issue, since there is a vacuum in the market for a financial insPtuPon capable of operaPng in the capacity.


Calmemory INVEST will execute orders through algorithmic trading in order to minimize market impact, distribuPng orders automaPcally based on the liquidity of the world's top crypto asset exchanges. It operates as member of VQF - an SRO under civil law - to ensure compliance with KYC and AML requirements. Trading access is available exclusively for qualified investors according to Swiss law. Calmemory INVEST is delivering instant execuPon of trades, unmatched reliability and full transparency.


• Established bank & exchange network
• Providing liquidity via principal of fully transparent agency execuPon
• Best execuPon services via smart algorithmic execuPon
• Automated cross-asset, front-to-back soluPon
• OpPmized Pme-to-market
• Assets securely stored or sent directly to your personal wallet
• automated Trading OpPons for Standard clients available

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Calmemory APAC

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Our Mission

Calmemory Holding AG is a financial technology company founded in June of 2018. The company provides blockchain-related services through its three divisions: Asset Management, Brokerage, and Storage. The aim of Calmemory Holding AG is to facilitate the implementaPon of blockchain technology in the global economy through a range of high-quality financial services. Calmemory Holding AG is based in Zug in the Crypto Valley, one of the world’s densest clusters of crypto-econ companies and innovaPve organisaPons that uPlize blockchain technology.

The company has set itself the goal of providing a new and secure soluPon process to the world of digital currencies, commodiPes and forex investments.
Therefore subsidiaries Companies such as Calmemory INVEST and Calmemory APAC differ from their funcPonality and setup. While Calmemory INVEST is our Trading House we offer the entry to the world of Calmemory Holding AG for our Asien clients through the founding of Calmemory APAC in the future. Everything controlled and managed through the mother house Calmemory Holding AG Switzerland.

Asset Management

Calmemory Holding offers a safe and transparent access to the rapidly growing crypto assets, through a passive investment. The range of funds will be increased in the future.


Calmemory Holding AG facilitates transacPons in crypto assets for qualified investors. Highly experienced traders offers a convenient access to the various crypto trading venues on a best execuPon basis, with full transparency and a unique turn around which is outstanding in todays Brokerage world.


We value your precious investement and ensure the safety and integrity of private accounts, yet keeping them accessible in an easy manner. This can be a challanging task. We provide a unique setup with our qualified and hand picked service provider.

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Calmemory Holding AG
Untermühlestr. 6
6300 Zug

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World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free
Industrial Zone) 4600
Kutaisi Georgia

  • World Finance Street LLC
    Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
    (Hualing Kutaisi Free
    Industrial Zone) 4600
    Kutaisi Georgia

World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone)
4600 Kutaisi Georgia
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